Where have I been!?

Its been a while since I have had any desire or information that I felt worthy of posting on my blog. Since I was laid off a year ago I have finally found another job. It only took me about 9 months, but things are getting better. Everyone always thinks that getting a new job solves everything instantly and that things are instantly better but thats the furthest thing from…

September 29, 2011

EVE Online

I have started to play the game EVE Online in the last week or so. I figured it would give me something else to do besides play World of Warcraft. Not that I dont like wow or anything, I just needed a change. So I started the trial account of EVE. I have to say that its pretty good. I have enjoyed playing it thus far and will probably get…

November 8, 2010

God as a computer Programmer

Some Important Theological Questions are Answered if we think of God as a Computer Programmer. Q: Does God control everything that happens in my life? A: He could, if he used the debugger, but it’s tedious to step through all those variables. Q: Why does God allow evil to happen? A: God thought he eliminated evil in one of the earlier revs. Q: Does God know everything? A: He likes…

June 16, 2010

Mobile blogging

Rather than having to login to the web interface for wordpress on your mobile g1, use the application called wptogo. Search in the market for it. Its free and is much easier to use.

December 22, 2009