Windows Powershell: Remove files older than specific date.

I recently have been trying to find a method that would allow me to clean up a bunch of old files wihtout having to manually continually keep doing the process of manually selecting files and deleting them. This script seems to be good to do exactly that. The requirement was to find any files that had been added/modified within a folder structure after a certain date. #remove files by a…

February 23, 2016

Windows 8: ERROR Windows Can’t Be Activated Right Now 0x8007232b

I recently upgraded a machine to Windows 8 and when I did the install everything went great. When I go to activate Windows I get a DNS error or errror 0x8007232b. This was very annoying since I had a valid key and it should have worked. My network was fine. This is how I found to solve this annoying issue: Press the windows key + R This opens a run…

November 21, 2013