Ubuntu: Blogging Application

I have previously been using the blogtk application for linux to post my blog entries.  Its an ok application, but it is very very basic.  I rather enjoy being able to have an application that I can view all my posts in a listing, show categories, and have all the information available.  I also like the ability to edit my posts from my desktop blogging application. Blogtk does not allow that.  This has bothered me so I have been doing some searching for other applictions that function like the windows application Zoundry Raven blogger.

After doing some serious searching this morning, I found another application for desktop blogging for linux called Qumana.  This one so far has all the options that I have been looking for.  Im going to use this one for a while and see how it goes. So far so good.

If you want to use it, then you have to download the tar file and manually extract and install it.  I could not get the install .sh file to function properly, so I executed the jar file directly and it works fine.  To download qumana go to:


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