Ubuntu 10.04: Wireless

The wireless issue has been resolved for Ubuntu 10.04, yay I can use my wireless connection again. I actually figured this out about 2 days after I had installed it.

Here is what I did to correct it:
1. Open a terminal and run:
sudo apt-get update
2. sudo apt-get upgrade
3. Go to system/administration/synaptic package manager
4. in the search box type in:
5. Install the broadcom stu or stv driver package. It says in the description that its the driver for broadcom series of wireless cards.
6. When completed installing, reboot and you should be able to now see the wireless networks and connect the same way you did in previous versions.

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  1. I decided to change my operating system or just distribution just because of this!
    I got two problems:
    1st. One of my wireless cards won’t work in linux! but it works on windows 7. When I say linux, I mean a fresh installed 10.04 which detects my DWA-125 and reports no errors but it doesn’t scan any access points trough.
    2nd. The other wireless can scan but cannot connect. I solved the first problem with encryption things in WICD. But Now it’s the ip address!
    So if you got yours working, it’s just your’s, not other’s!
    I created a post in here:

    1. For me it works fine. I also set it up on multiple computers. One thing your could try, which I have seen happen is that if your using an old iso image or install disc, download a brand new iso with all the latest updates pre applied along with the drivers. This has solved some of my issues that i cant seem to fix any other way. Wireless was NOT one of them.

      In my research I have found that broadcom and atheros are the 2 chipsets that seem to be the ones that work. Not sure what your cards use on the chipset.

  2. Install the broadcom stu or stv driver package…. what does it mean,i don’t understand the short terms for stu or stv,can you explain it please?

    1. When you search in the package manager there will be either the broadcom stu or broadcom stv driver package that comes up in the listing, You install the one that comes up for you.

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