Where'd my desktop go!?

I have had for quite some time a machine running with the Ubuntu 9.04 server edition within my home network. This has been my in house file server for the stuff that I just dont fel like storing anywhere else in my network. Important photos, websites I have worked on, music files, etc. We all know that kind of thing.

I have been getting the update window for a couple of days now and at the top of the window it says Upgrade to 9.10……I have always avoided doing this because I find that when I do I end up with issues that takes a while to figure out with an eventual reformat and reinstall of the system.  So I have not done it for a while. Well tonight I caved and upgraded the system and wouldnt you know it. As soon as it finished and I rebooted it, the desktop came back with the header and footer but the background and main desktop area was black. Nothing I did could fix it, I even removed gnome and reinstalled it.  That didnt anything.

I know it has to be somewhere within the gnome file settings for the desktop setting, but where I dont know.  Maybe someone would read this and be able to tell me.  So i just installed KDE and am using KDE for the desktop when needed.  I like KDE almost as much as gnome and its a good change.

Kinda wierd….if you get the upgrade button.  Just say no!

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