Ubuntu: Replacement SH or shell

I have been using Ubuntu for a while and I love the fact that the terminal or shell is so versatile. What takes multiple steps in a GUI you can accomplish with a command from the command line. This is great, and especially so since you dont run the risk of using up your memory or any other resources on the machine but I often find myself wondering, is there a program that can make this better?  YUP i found it. Its called terminator. Its a shell terminal application that you can use instead of terminal or shell.  This one allows you to do mutliple tabs and split your screens horizontal or vertical depending on which you like. If your running a ton of terminal commands then this is a great thing.

Heres what I did to install it:

from a command line:

1. Sudo apt-get update
2. Sudo apt-get upgrade
(I always check for updates before I do an install of any new program. Its up to you to do that step)
3. Sudo apt-get install terminator
4. Let it install, then you can create an icon on the desktop or the shortcut bar along the top with application.

to run the application use:  terminator

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