Xubuntu: Change time from 24 hr to 12 hour

When you install Xubuntu the default time setting is for 24 Hour format. This at times is great, however; as of late it has become a hinderance and an annoyance. I started trying to figure out how to change it and discovered that the standard control panel area within Xubuntu did not have a place to change the time.

I did some googling and came across several different articles that explained how to change it from the terminal or command line, but I thought there has to be an easy way to change it from the GUI interface instead. I did some additional googling to confirm my thoughts and I was rewarded with the information I was seeking.

If you want to change the time on your system here is the easy way to do it…no terminal required 🙂

1. Right click on the time.
2. Click on properties.
3. At the bottom of the clock window from the Format drop down choose which format you want to use.
4. If you want a custom format, then you can choose the option that says “Custom Format” and then enter the format you have.
(You can google for the time formatting or use the man pages associated with the Clock to get the correct format information.

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