replace vim-tiny with vim-full

I installed Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop edition onto one of my machines over the past long weekend and discovered that the default install uses VIM tiny as a editor instead of the full VIM. Now if your like me and used to the full version of VIM, when you start trying to edit on a system that has VIM tiny you will find that all you normal keyboard keys do not work. Things like the insert key to insert text. VERY FRUSTRATING.

To correct this you would need to remove vim-tiny and install vim-full. Here are the steps to install the full version of vim.

1. Go into terminal or shell.
2. Type sudo apt-get remove vim-tiny
The program will remove it (It may ask you to accept the removal, just say Yes)
3. Type sudo apt-get install vim-full (if you get an error it does not exist, then use: vim)
4. Say yes to install it.

When its done, the normal version of vim will work.

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  1. VERY helpful! VIM-tiny is the default on 10.10 also causing me great frustration!

    Installing VIM-full fixed it.

    Thanks for the tip!

    1. Oh man, when they switched this particular package it really threw me for a long time. I was so angry that I couldnt get my vim to work right. Im glad this helped 🙂

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