Ubuntu: Move active window to another monitor

If your like me, I have have 2 monitors attached to my Ubuntu workstation.  When using Windows you could always get programs like Multimon or Ultramon that allowed with the click of one button to move the currently active window to the other monitor and vice versa, but there has never been anything like that available for Linux.  Until now.  By utilizing a xdotool and a small bash script and…

August 23, 2010

Ubuntu: Open Office Recovery

If you use open office and have your system crash as I do, then you get the notice the next time that you try to open the document that it needs to recover the document. Most of the time this works fine, however; I have had situations where it is unable to recover the document and it seems to be stuck in a never ending cycle every time you open…

May 12, 2010

Ubuntu: Filenames with spaces

If you have spaces in your file names within the Ubuntu system, you can work with those spaces in any of the commands by using quotes before and after the file name. Example: You have a file called my file.txt that you need to change permissions for when you try to do it it gives errors saying that its an invalid name or file. chmod 755 my file.txt Results in:…

February 3, 2010

Ubuntu: Viewing Terminal History

I use a lot of commands via the terminal or konsole.  Normally i just scroll through the list and find the one I need using the up and down arrows. Well there is a faster way to do it. From the kolsole or terminal type: history It will give you a list that looks like this: 1  sudo apt-get upgrade 2  sudo apt-get remove evolution 3  sudo apt-get update 4 …

February 1, 2010